Antwerp Six: warum die belgische Stadt eine Welthauptstadt der Mode ist

There are some cities that want to outdo Milan, Paris, London and New York, but Antwerp has the best chance of doing so. Tine Van Den Poel of Antwerp Streetstyle reveals the secrets behind the enviable creativity of this possibly new capital of fashion.

Tine says: “The attitude of Antwerp to fashion is serious, but not cramped. People here just love fashion and see it as an extension of their personality. We often hear that we are all conceited and it’s true: We are extremely proud of our fashion scene and are not afraid to show off our sense of style! “


Lessons learned

Some outfits that you see in Antwerp may look like a jumble of colors, but in all likelihood, serious thinking about style is likely to be behind it. Tine explains: “Antwerp has a wonderful Fashion Academy. Here, several famous designers such as Martin Margiela or Haider Ackermann have developed their skills.

Thanks to Antwerp Six, our city is listed on the world map and due to its success there are unique shops and flagship stores. The business of  Dries Van Noten  on the Nationalestraat is an excellent example of this.

Yet, creativity was a key feature of Antwerp long before the Antwerp Six: just think of the painters, the architecture, and the three-century-old Royal Academy for Fine Arts; then you will understand immediately why fashion flourishes and thrives in our charming city. “

The influence of the Antwerp Six on the city and the fashion world in general was certainly enormous. Despite little advertising and global branding, the exceptional quality and design of clothing has been more than enough to bring global recognition to their talents.

A new year, a new self

It is said that design has to be functional, and Tine has a surprisingly practical hope: “Since it rains a lot here, we’re working to make the plastic raincoat 2015 a trend.” She also notes that “sneakers have prevailed “And that” everyone wears long coats and especially guys let their hair grow … you can see beards and buns again. “

The best that Belgium has to offer

  Labels Inc. ,” the ideal place for second-hand designer fashion. “

If you prefer window-shopping (or jealously staring at fantastic ensembles), Noord is just right. Tine explains: “This is a less famous part of Antwerp; therefore there is still much to discover here. Meet locals at Park Spoor Noord and find out when a garage sale is taking place at the covered stalls in the park. The Goegekregen clothes market is great for great bargains. “

The area around MoMu, about 20 minutes from our  Park Inn by Radisson Antwerp , is the best place to meet design students. If you want to get to know the next generation Antwerp Six, you should definitely go there.